Unable to see Family folder

After the update, the family folder can only be accessed through My Cloud Home Web and the mobile app, not DESKTOP APP!!! What’s the point to use this device then?! Deeply upset by this update and I strongly urge WD to restore the Desktop app access immediately, or I’ll consider another brand of cloud device.


deeply disappointed


Greetings from Brazil. Here at our office, We are having the same problem. We have over 30 people, including lawyers, secretaries and interns, going through this situation, which greatly hinders us in the performance of our work.
I am extremely disappointed with WD.
We will contact WD staff for solutions and, if necessary, consider the possibility of a court settlement of this matter.


I have exactly the same problem. After updating to the latest version, the shared folders stopped showing in the desktop app !!!

Return the shared folder “family” !!!
Please fix this

WD has had a long time to solve this, just back in the update. or you don’t want to know anything about the customers. shame


Greeting from Malaysia. I having the same problem here. And I can’t even move my personal folder picture to family folder now. Can we have the old version back?


Hi from Ireland,

We acquired the My Cloud Home and started to use it through the Family folder.
The main reason we bought it was for this functionality as we are about 8 people collaborating on the my cloud over 3 countries and we cannot rely on the web apps to work. The direct access through Windows mapped drive was our main reason again to purchase this device.
Overnight the firmware upgraded without our consent and as people already explained, the family folder disappeared for everybody except me the device owner.
This is unacceptable, and such change should be approved by your users before being deployed.
Do you realize how much disturbance and inconvenience you are causing and you are remaining silence on this page since July 22nd, which is a sign that you do not know what to answer.
We expect a fix as quickly as possible…


Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

Any update on this?


Support doesn’t seem to understand “THE FAMILY FOLDER IS MISSING FROM THE MAPPED DRIVE, Z: DRIVE, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT ON THE LOCAL PC” The web client SUKCS, and they won’t even give me a download for an older WD Discovery client version. This drive is worthless to me now.


I think they wouldn’t like bad publicity in specialized or general media, blog or website. Does anybody have connections? Maybe this would make them move, wouldn’t it?


This is the reply I received from them…

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Andrew.
This case is regarding the recent My Cloud Home feedback ticket you created.
After the recent update to the My Cloud Home device, some extensive changes have been made to the way files can be shared.
The previously used Family folder will not appear on the desktop app mounted drive for guest users. This will only appear for the device owner.
All other users on the device can access the Family folder from the Shared section on the web app or mobile app. They can download files from that section, or share files from their private share to be included in the Shared section.
This change is permanent, and cannot be reversed.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.
Western Digital Service and Support

this is bad news, This drive is worthless to me now. :frowning:


I am bitterly disappointed. It defies all logic to make it harder to access the drive on a desktop, especially when the device owner can still use the desktop app. It makes no sense.

I bought the drive to enable straightforward file sharing between family members, and this change has rendered it largely useless for this purpose.

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I’m device owner. I lost a lot of files which were located in Family folder I can’t access anymore. WD offers a replacement for my old device telling me that the hard drive got some errors and this fact caused the Family folder disappearance during migration end of July. Currently I’m about to get workable solution for restoring the data. This is the story((

Really disappointing and useless update, I have 16 TB I think it’s useless now my problem now is that advises to my friend to buy Cloud Home Duo unfortunately he did and now he still stuck with us,

My question is who’s the responsible for that and why WD changed the firmware, what’s the benefit of that.
I think we lost our money because of irresponsible decision.

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The Answer from customer support is horrible, I think we might turn to the courts. !!! I


We’ll do the same thing
The User manual has desktop access feature
Check Capture
Check Capture02


Dear WD Community,

As some of you already know, we recently removed the Family Folder sharing feature on the My Cloud Home desktop app. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access or share that data! You can still find it under the “Shared” tab in your mobile and web apps. You can find out more about sharing the Family Folder here: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6804

We’ve heard your feedback since the software upgrade and we know that the Family Folder is a well-loved feature. Due to the overwhelming feedback, we are going to bring back the Family Folder type sharing in a near future release. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The My Cloud Home Team”


This is wonderful news but please make the “near future release” sooner rather than later. We ALL understand that we can access the “shared” tab in the mobile and web apps but this is a very inconvenient way of doing so, compared to the desktop app. It would appear that the majority of users specifically chose My Cloud Home for this feature (we certainly did!) The web app version of the Family Folder does not display each file name so it is ridiculously time consuming to try to share files in this way. Removing the Family Folder sharing on destop app has been incredibly inconvenient and as soon as it can be returned the better. Thank you.


I am also facing such kind of problems.