Unable to login to MyBookLive

I’m unable to login to MyBookLive/UI/Login, when I intentionally enter an incorrect password, I get “Invalid Password” but when I enter the correct password, the error message disappears but the password box just keeps clearing with no progress!

I have tried pressing the reset button at the back for 4 seconds but no response. I can access my music on the drive via my phone using the app which has been active for a couple of years but I am unable to create any new connections so I am reluctant to break this connection as it’s the only confirmation that the drive is working ok on my WiFi network.

The problem started when my router reset the IP address of mybooklive and broke the connection to my Sonos music system. I entered my router settings in an attempt to fix the IP address back to the old address to re-establish the link but this did not help so I removed the fixed IP setting. Now I can ping mybooklive successfully but unable to see the drive to add or remove files and cannot connect my music system back to it or any other device to that matter.

I have tried to follow this guide

But can’t get passed the first step as I can’t login!

Have you tried accessing it with the current IP the MBL now has instead of //mybooklive/UI/Login?

Like > h t t p://IP (spaces added to avoid a link)

Yes, I generally use the IP address, I just referred to it as mybooklive as I thought it would be clearer to explain the issue. I have actually renamed it from mybooklive but tested all scenarios