Unable to eject WD Passport for Mac

Unable to eject the WD Passport for mac unless I force eject. It says it can’t eject because there are still open programs using the drive even though everything is closed. Keep getting error message that force eject will cause potential damage to disk. Has anybody seen this before?

Do you have WD Discovery app running? Do you have any program doing any backup to the drive. It could be the Mac OSX doing the indexing the files on the drive. There might be a program doing something in the background that we don’t see on the desktop.

I thought the same so I logged out of/shut down everything that could be running in the background. Am I damaging the disk by having to force eject every time?

Forcing eject basically the OSX would stop all activities to the drive and safely eject the drive.

Ok so what is the solution?

Karla Startup

Try this: Go to Apple Menu and click Force Quit. When the Force Quit applications window opens, select Finder and press Relaunch. Now, eject your external hard drive. This should work.