Can't Eject My Passport

Unlike a flashdrive, where I just click on it to eject it, I can’t eject My Passport without shutting down my MAC. It just runs and runs, even with the sleep timer set to the shortest time span. There has to be an easier way.

Hi Pathfinder60,

You can try to use WD Drive Utilities which will allow you to safely eject drive from the computer. Refer this KBA to use WD Drive Utilities.

WD Utilities is not working on my new MacBook Pro running OS Mojave.

It worked sometimes most of the time on my older MacBook Pro, but right now the drive is causing all kinds of problems, in addition to not ejecting, I’m getting Error -50 that files won’t transfer and they can’t be deleted from the 4TB Passport for MAC. So, first thing to do is disconnect and reconnect however, dragging to the trash, hitting eject or trying to eject via WD Utilities will not work, so I will try shutting down my MAC which is usually the only thing that works.
I never know with these Passport Drives, the last 2 I’ve bought have the same issues. Sometimes it shows nothing on one of the two partitions, or shows nothing on one of them while the other shows up, although the drive is still connected. Then, I have to eject or shut down my computer and boot the drive up again.
I have run all the utilities to check for disk errors and the all of my Passport Drives are fine. The one I am using now was purchased less than a year ago.
The article and all of the suggestions here and in other similar threads do not work, other than shutting down the computer whenever the drive disconnects itself or when I want to disconnect it. I don’t see any driver updates on the site. Mac is OS Mojave, all up to date. My WD Utilities is v . Suggestions welcome.
I think my next portable drive will be a LaCie - they work seamlessly with my MAC. Older Passport drives were great but the last few years they don’t seem to really work with MACs anymore.
Using WD Utilities seemed to do the trick on my older MacBook Pro but not on this one.

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the exact same things happends to me, three times till the disk was damaged and had to replace it. I actually decided not to go with WD anymore … I lost a $30,000 of data … never anymore