Unable to connect 2 "My Passport" on usb2 or usb3 at the same time

My problem :

I have 2 “My Passport” with 1 To each one.

When i connect one of them … no problem.

Then when i try to connect the second, he is not reconnized by the system.

I have tried many combinaisons between the different usb ports with the same result : 1 connected and reconnized but the second no.

Ma configuration : Laptop Alienware M18x-R2 (2 USB-2 + 2 USB-3) with Windows Seven 64.

The disks :

Blue One :

Serial  = [deleted]

iD = 0748

Software = 1010

Black One :

Serial  =  [deleted]

iD = 0748

Software = 1019

Thanks !

This is probably a Windows problem called disk signature collisiion. Check this post http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Externals/Problems-with-having-more-than-one-USB-2-0-WD-2-TB-Elements/td-p/285724 it explains a fix.


Thanks ! :smiley: