Twonky update to v8.3

Are there plans to update Twonky from v 7.2.9-11 to v8.3 any time soon?

The reason I ask is that the sorting of files served to Panasonic Viera TVs is terrible under v7.2 but this has been fixed in v8.3.

You might try replacing the ‘view’ definitions files, taking the new ones from the latest version of Twonky available from the Twonky forum.

I’d urge a cautionary approach, though; back up the existing xml files first.


I actually only need to update the Panasonic_VIERA.xml file to include:


This is the only difference to V8.3 fo this device.

I found the file in /usr/local/modules/twonky/resources/devicedb/Panasonic/ but can’t edit it in vi.
I’ve stopped the Twonky server, am logged in as root and checked the file permissions, -rwxrwxr-x
That’s about my limit as far as Linux goes. Any idea how I can edit this file?