TV Shows sorted wrongly

My new Live Hub has scraped the TV show metadata just fine from TVDB, but now it seems to sort them wrongly (it goes 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, etc - i.e. 10-19 comes before 2, 21-29 comes before 3, etc).

If I change it from Sort by Title to Sort by Date, that doesn’t work either, as the box uses the Date Modified/Created date of the file itself, not the release date from TVDB.

Any ideas how to get my TV Shows sorted in the right order?


Here’s 2 pages to read

The first 9 .XML files need to be edited. The tool i used to use for this is TextCrawler and i managed to FIND A VIDEO  i

made to remind myself of the process however the audio didn’t get picked up but it will still show you the settings

you need for TextCrawler . Be sure to set the "Start Location " in TextCrawler to point to the folder on your hub your having

the issue with. Let me know if this helped you. It will work great and you won’t need to read through an entire thread.