Transmission Service

If not yet, would it be possible or is it perhaps planned already to provide the Transmission service for the new MyCloud Home? This is one of the really great features of the previous MyCloud Home version.


It’s something I’m pushing for internally, but not currently in the works. Would be good to hear if others would like to see this as well.

My Cloud Home Product Team


Yes please! I purchased the MCHome in the hopes that the Transmission, as well as any other torrent download software alternative would be already available. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that the App choices doesn’t have one :weary:

I’m working on a proof of concept. Maybe it lands in the product some day!


Interested on transmission service too!

Any update?


Any update on this??

Me too,please!

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I’m very need Transmission!!!

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Interested on transmission service too!

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Interested on transmission service too!

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Me too! It’s a shame that wd staff will answer silly low hanging questions, but refuse to give update on follow ups on issues such as this or shared private storage that have been talked about on here for at least three months.

I’ve ported transmission and nzbget to MCH. It’s waiting patiently for some love @mddimmick .


waiting here too for a torrent client to be added


Still waiting for Transmission:frowning:
Why it is so problem to activate this option? It already is in EX2 and Mirror version, also it’s possible to activate it in previous WD MC with old processor.

Looking forward to see Transmission provided in MCH. Thanks.

I need that service too, please!

This should be at the top of the list!! I have to use a seedbox then rclone sync to my google drive, and then use the sync from google drive to automate this processes so I can watch my 4k movies over dlna. It’s disappointing that I have to do all this and pay for extra services, when the really crappy buffalo NAS had this shipped out of the box. Y’all need to consider adding this as a feature ASAP. Many many people want this as a feature and specifically purchase these products to have a self sustainable media server, that can download files using p2p then can stream using PMS.

Any updates on the matter?

First experimental alpha version available here.
Install it with the python install script from
If you don’t know how to run a python script, use google or wait for the beta release.

When you install this on a phone/tablet with android M+, you should see the web interface at 9091 but I strongly suggest you set the download paths to /sdcard or some other external storage (and grant the permissions).

I made a few fixes in alpha2:

  • the redirect URL you get from the script should work now
  • daemon will now run only 1 instance
  • default download dir is currently the ‘transmission’ dir in user space.


  • after install, wait 5 seconds for the daemon to start
  • a reinstall can do wonders.
  • before reinstalling, delete app.apk in your root directory.
  • before you start downloading, check that your download path starts with your auth0|xxxxx id.
  • multi user not supported, unless you change download path to the family dir

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when will you officially publish the program?