Transmission Service

I’m still waiting for my developer key.
Also, as I don’t have a MCH device at the moment + I don’t use torrents, this project is low priority on my side as well. I’m looking to publish the source so others can pick it up.

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it would be perfect that you will publish the source code so that you can continue with the idea, I am an Android programmer, you can share the source code with me if you want, my email

Any update?


Do you have any news regarding this ?



Hello everyone,

Any news about it?
I will try to install it today, but to be honest I don’t know programming. Does someone has a manual step-by-step how to do it and what will be necessary (software, files etc)
Thank you in advance

+1 for Transmission service. It’s a perfect match for Plex Media Server service. Please add it, don’t want to make a brick from my MCH device because of some experiments :slight_smile:

Yes please!

+1 for Transmisson, when will it come?!

And another one here.

Please give us Trasmission.

Me too
I’m in.
Give us Transmission!

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Hey Tfl, did you actually open source the work you did? I’d be happy to pick it up and continue the job…

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Yes, it’s here:
It could be that I still have some unpublished leftovers on my laptop… not sure about that.
Note that it may no longer build properly and I have no time to provide any support.
Hence my silence :slight_smile:

There’s other topics in the MCH subforum with more info btw.

Not sure if it helps but I’ve notice that, on this topic, you’ve mentioned a java port of the transmission daemon that’s already done:

I’m not sure how it should work, that’s why I didn’t test it. Anyway I’m just leaving it here because it can eventually but a plus to this topic.


If you are ready to be blown away in complexity, read on.

Use the AndroidTransmission project to compile the complete transmission-cli binary for android. I think I broke it so you’ll have to fix that first.
Then create a project structure similar to nzbget.
Here I wanted to use a shell script (as I’m not an android dev) to configure it like in the package, but the sed tool from android toolbox is broken. So I packaged with the library and then used something like this to run the transmission-cli binary (afaik disguised as and with some LD_LIBRARY_PATH stuff). Simply extract my apk file to see how I did it.

The proper way would be without busybox but with an android service, wrapped in the MCH web server logic.

I’d recommend to enable adb (which is tricky but possible).
Note: I don’t have a MCH any more and I can’t recall how to do all this.

Good luck.

Transmission would be a most useful app, so please make it available.

No news regarding this ?

WD is it so hard to give us this functionality ?


Well, just another try.

Can we have this WD ?

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