Transferring windows 7 backups to windows 8 computer

I have a new windows 8 Toshiba computer.  I wish to transfer my Passport T1 “backed up”  files from my old Lenovo Windows 7. I don’t find any specific instructions for this procedure.  Are there any specific instructions?Are there any issues? or problems?  I would like to know in advance so I don’t create problems. ( I certainly have had problems in the past which I hope will magically disappear when I start using the new computer)


How did you backup the files?


Sorry,  I have files on a Passport drive. 

Did you back them up with software like Smartware or just copy them? If you used software you may have to use that to restore the files.


I used the software.  I believe I can just attach the device to the new computer and retrieve.  Is that what you understand?   I was wondering if I was going to have a problem going from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

You may have to install the software you used for backup. If you used Smartware this might help see post 2