Transferring files from MyCloud home very slow

So I’m trying to move some files from my mycloud home device to an external hard drive attached to my laptop via USB and my transfer is super slow. The internet connection is fiber 1 Gig download/upload symmetrical, the laptop and the mycloud home device are both connected to the gigabit router through gigabit ethernet cables. Internet speedtest results show around 800-900 Mbps download and upload speeds. However MyCloud Homefile transfers are so slow, like 0 - 100 KBps. I have attached a video of the transfer. There is a process called kdd.exe running a network traffic around 8Mbps. The traqnsfer is now going on for more than a day.


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You could refer to the following link: Network: Common Causes and Solutions for Slow Data Transfer Speeds

I have read the article earlier, but did not help. However, I was able to somewhat pin point when the issue arises. The problem seems to arise when moving files to and from folders with lot of files(i.e. 10,000 files). I have lot of such folders with various types of files ranging from videos to documents which I have to move between drives due to space constraints and other reasons. I observed that the program kdd.exe seems to be continuously transferring data over the network for a long time just to move a small file of about 2kb, when transferring to or from a folder with lot of files. Also the kdd.exe program seems to be putting windows explorer in a non-responsive state when accessing files in folders with lot of files. I know that transferring files to and from folders with lot of files can be slow, but if it takes days to move a few GBs it is unacceptable. A video is attached.
Video: Dropbox - 2020-06-30_11-25-34.mp4 - Simplify your life

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It’s really too bad western digital does not care to correct the systemic slow transfer speeds of their devices. They throw the issue back on the customer. They have your money, they really don’t care. Try another device from a different manufacturer.

Same issue, 33,000 files to move and by my calculations it will take 552 hours. What a joke. I need to get the files off so thinking about ripping the hard drive out and putting in a caddy. Not sure if that will work though

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I have plugged in a memory stick into the back of the box and it is copying much faster! Thank you so much for posting :slight_smile:

Deleting files from this thing is also super slow when there are lot of other files in the folder. Total cwap…

This is not a solution at all. I’ve been suffering for a long time with slowness issues with this My Cloud Home. I have done some things to work around the situation: 1 - Force a gigabit connection of 1000MBps in the properties of your network card. 2 - Connect your HD directly to your network card. 3 - Share the internet from your WI-Fi connection with your network card, this will allow your HD to work locally. 4 - Once this is done you will have an average connection of 30MB~60MBps, however it is not just a connection problem.
5- Larger files tend to transfer faster, smaller files in large quantities take forever. So I’ve been backing up only compressed files. That is, instead of you sending a folder with thousands of smaller files. Make a zip file of this folder to a single file and in the file compression option choose “Store”, in the end you don’t want to waste time with the compression process, just unify everything in a single file.
6 - Regarding the slowness of file deletion, it is preferable to delete a folder from the remote dashboard, because there it seems that the deletion is carried out by a function directly in the HD operating system.

In short, it’s a bad user experience, taking into account the purpose and facilities you expect from a NAS server. I think that WD should also enable the SSH option in the OS so that we can perform remote transfer commands directly on the HD system and thus save users so much headache. Recently they enabled Samba but that alone still doesn’t solve the problem.

Still complementing, always prefer to copy the HD to the computer instead of moving files. After copying, delete the folder on the HD through the dashboard.

The quoted really has little to do with the My Cloud Home (MCH). The recent firmware has improved throughput to the MCH HDD to the point which is similar to that of a typical (slow) 5400rpm HDD share on GbE (ethernet). The original USB suggestion above still stands however, since the MCH is capable of ~300 MBps write to a fast SSD USB3.

I suspect that there is a problem with deleting files on the dashboard, as my firmware says that I have 4.24TB free, but I have 2.31TB occupied, which would take me to a total of 6.55TB of storage. Where are the missing 1.45TB? It is not possible for the firmware system to occupy all this space. My Cloud Home is 8TB.

By any measure, the My Cloud Home is a light duty personal and home storage system that is not suited for heavy duty file cycling and media serving. Those who used it as such will usually be quickly disappointed.

The observation being described is the way Linux works and given how poorly the WDxxEFAX series of SMR HDD works in a NAS environment which would probably make the MCH work a little worse because WDC may have upped the root-reserved blocks requirement in the MCH. Here is a quote from 2012 about the root-reserved blocks in Linux in general that gives the appearance of lost space.

The file system frees the space immediately. However, the root-reserved blocks feature of ext[234] and how the kernel keeps open files reserved may give the appearance of lost space.


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