Torrent Downloader + My Book Live

Is there any chance to install some kind of torrent downloader to this device, it has space and network connection, so i believe that some one can help us. May be there is some kind alternative firmware? I saw some russian guys installing transmission to the wd tv player… so i think it`s possible with our NAS

Search is your friend… use it  :slight_smile:

Sure, is it possible.

There is at least 3 options (to set up transmission):

  1. Compile from source.

Done myself on My Book Live, works great.

Basicly it is just following steps:

  • create shell user from which you will run tranmission.

  • download tranmission source,

  • unpack,

  • ./configure

it will tell you that some dependencies is missing

  • run ‘apt-get update’

  • install missing dependencies with ‘apt-get’ or compile from source

  • run ./configure again till you get it to the end without missing stuff.

  • run ./make

That’s it… quite easy, if you know at least basic stuff about Linux. If not, ask somebody whom you trust and whos know Linux, to helpo you (shell access to your box is needed in that case for that person).

  1. Install from optware (not tested myself on My Book Live, but some ppl says its working fine) - google for more info.

  2. Use feature packs. More info here:

Feature packs is basicly easy to setup for those who know nothing about linux.