To replace two old WD drives


I have a Synology 718+ NAS with one RE4-GP (WD2000FYYZ) and one RE (WD2000FYYZ).

I am very satisfied with them, but I need more capacity and would like to replace them with two 4 TB drives. I am hesitating: if I buy two RED PRO 4TB drives (WD4005FFBX or WD4003FFBX), will the noise be noticeably louder when watching movies? My main concerns for my next hard drives are noise levels and reliability under low-stress (but on H24) use.

Thanks in advance!


When upgrading the hard drives in your Synology 718+ NAS, the WD Red Pro 4TB drives (WD4005FFBX or WD4003FFBX) would provide increased capacity, reliability, and performance optimized for NAS usage. While they may produce slightly more noise than your current desktop-class drives, the difference is unlikely to be significantly noticeable during movie playback, especially if the NAS is housed separately. The Red Pro drives prioritize consistent performance, vibration protection, and enhanced error recovery capabilities ideal for 24/7 low-stress NAS environments. If noise level is a major concern, the WD Red Plus series offers a quieter alternative while still providing NAS-specific features and reliability. Ultimately, both the Red Pro and Red Plus lines from Western Digital are well-suited upgrades, balancing storage capacity, reliability, and noise considerations for your media consumption needs on the Synology NAS.

Thank you for your answer, yet I have to precise that RE4-GP (WD2000FYYZ) and one RE (WD2000FYYZ) are not desktop-class but enterprise-class hard drives.