Time Machine Backups

Hello, I have two Macbook Pros that I want to back up via Time Machine to the 4 TB MyCloud device. I set up multiple users and multiple shares.

TimeMachineBackup and Smartware are default shares on all My Cloud products. The “backup shares” are not indexed by the My Cloud or the Twonky DLNA Server. Using the “backup shares” can increase My Cloud performance since the data is not indexed. User created Shares are indexed and thumb nailed when the My Cloud Service is enabled contributing to poor My Cloud performance resulting in slower backup speeds.

Not knowing the above, I deleted the TimeMachineBackup and Smartware shares. I don’t have Cloud Access, DLNA Media Server, and iTunes enabled. I noticed that the backup was moving slow, so I configured the Time Machine settings to use the share that I created. It’s backing up faster now, but not fast enough for me, so I connected it to the router via Ethernet, it is still moving slow. An estimated 6 hours to backup 334.57 GB of data. How fast is it supposed to be backing up? Why can’t we have a direct connection to the device for initial backup? Can I use another share as a Time Machine backup as well? Why can’t we disable indexing for specific shares?

Oh and if I were to reset the device and use TimeMachineBackup as the only share. Can I backup two Macs to the same share?

Hello Stellarspace,

Please refer to the below link for your queries regarding Slow Time machine backup:

Also, you can backup two different macs on the default Time Machine share of the My Cloud Device.

Is it slower if I backup two different Macs to two different shares that aren’t the default Time Machine default share? Cloud backup and whatever else is disabled.