Time Capsule & Wd tv live? Will it work?

Hi everybody, I was in the shop today to buy this precious wd tv live and suddenly I asked the seller and he didn’t know.

He had a look on internet and many people said that they couldn’t use their wd tv live with Apple Time capsule.

But, I’m asking because their problem were 1 year ago so maybe now there’s a new firmware and it works? Does it?

Thanks you so much.

Have a nice day


Hi there, try to check if the Time Capsule files can be seen and used by a regular Windows computer… If they can, then that means that they are able to work as regular network shares, if not, then I don’t think do… I could be wrong though.

Hi thx for your reply.

I have access to my TC with a PC without any problem. 

I bought the wd tv live. i’ll let you know asap