Dilemma: Will the WD TV live Media player work with my Apple Time Capsule

Hi, I just purchased a Western Digital TV Live Media Player. I would like to hook it up either wired or wireless for internet connection but I read that that the Time Capsule wasn’t supported. Are they referring to getting it to work wireless, wired, or both (to my Time Capsule)? Which is better? Hooking it up wired or wireless to my Time Capsule? Here’s a dilemma, I’m all out of ethernet ports on my Time Capsule, 2 are being used for my PS3, and TV, the other is for my Mac Pro. So I need a 5 port Gigabit ethernet switch if I want to add more ethernet ports to hook the Western Digital TV LIive Media player wired. Would hooking up a 5 port Gigabit ethernet switch (attached to Time Capsule) wired to the Western digital TV Live Media Player work? Any help is greatly appreciated

I have tried the WD TV Live with Time Capsule, I have not been successful…