Thinking about extracting the drive from the 14TB WD Elements Desktop Hard Drives

Merry Christmas everyone and hello again.

Not that I have been running out of room but I was browsing Amazon and I saw the 14tb WD Elements Desktop drives and I thought extracting them and using them in my old My Clouds Personal V2.0.

Has anyone tried this? 12tb maybe? I remember 10tb by @Bennor and that was on V1 of the MyCloud.

Also I know this question should be in the EX2 but I’ll post it here anyway, Has anyone tried 12TB or 14TB in the EX2 Ultras? 28TB stripe would be nice backup :slight_smile:

Let me know what you guys have been up to!

I’ve had no problems using a number of different sized mechanical hard drives in a first gen. From 250gb up to a shucked WD Elements 12TB drive. See my posts in the following discussion:

I later put those shucked 12TB drives into a Synology NAS where they (knock on wood) are humming long just fine for the past year.

Only issue I’ve had is trying to use an SSD drive in my first gen. Tried several different SSD low sized (64GB and 120GB) drives, none would work for some reason. They failed to boot to the My Cloud OS. Cloned or using Fox’s directions didn’t matter when it came to using SSD drives in my first gen.

Currently have an old 750GB laptop hard drive in that first gen. :rofl:

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Good job @Bennor on all those test and links. I’ll definitely use that info to create mine if I do decide to go that route.

The thing is, none of this is needed. I still have lots of space on my 40TB QNAP Raid 6 and I even have a 16TB Raid 0 Ex2 Ultra, but…

just the thought of having 14tb on a single MyCloud is a nice thought or even convert both my 8TB My clouds to 14TB to have a pair, to perhaps eliminate my QNAP altogether and go back to the simpler days of having only two Single MyCloud Drives sitting on the shelf.

or… to have a 28TB Raid 0 within a Ex2 Ultra just to be a backup of my QNAP drive, but then again with 16TB right now it is a backup for my QNAP drive and I still have 1 or 2 TB of space left and that will take at least another year or slightly more to fill up and by that time we should have 20TB drives for $300.

All hypothetical and no longer needed since we have so many streaming services.

however just the thought of having so much storage gives me the goosebumps.

Thanks for the info…