The new OS5 has simply ruined the NAS drive!

I was stupid enough to upgrade to the new OS5 when it was released, ever since then I have had nothing but issues with my MYCLOUD drive. Trying to connect through the WDMyCloud.local in Safari and it invariably fails, or even worse simply hangs and does nothing. If I EVER manage to get into the dashboard, then the whole thing has become slow and prone to giving out ‘unexpected error’ messages.

Trying to use the NAS drive for TimeMachine (never a problem under OS3) is next to impossible - the software / OS simply makes the drive disappear at odd times and the only way to regain access is to either ‘A’ switch off at the mains or ‘B’ force a reboot with the 4 second reset method. If that won’t work, then the only solution is to do the 60 second reset - which means that the drive will need to be reindexed again.

I last did a 60 second reset about 1 month ago, the drive is still (!) indexing the files. Not that much on there, about 500GB of videos, 300GB of photos and 300GB of documents, leaving around 1.8TB free (the drive is 3TB).

Trying to access my videos remotely using the Apple IOS ‘app’ is next to impossible, somedays it will work but often won’t until (you guessed it) you reboot the drive.

I have run the diagnostic checks on the drive via the Dashboard (on the few occasions I have managed to log in) and that all comes up as ‘clean’ / ‘no problems’ / ‘up to date’ software, etc. So it is the actual OS itself which has, effectively, ruined the NAS drive and made it effectively useless. Thanks WD for screwing up a perfectly good system with this ■■■■.

Hi @MikePrice58,

Please refer to the link below in order to get an update regarding My Cloud OS5:

So you haven’t answered the question or addressed the issues I have raised! What is the point of telling me how to upgrade to OS5, when I have already done this and, effectively, made my NAS device useless? Once again this morning, I am unable to use the IOS app to connect to the drive to view my files. Absolute joke.

Your cause to right the injustice may be furthered by perusing the correct subforum such as the thread below. This MCH subforum has nothing to do with the OS5:

It should be noted you have posted about the My Cloud OS5 in a subforum that does not deal with OS5. Further the My Cloud Home line of devices does not support the OS3 or OS5 firmware.

See the correct subforum for your My Cloud device at the following OS5 subforum:

If you search through the OS5 subforum’s you’ll find numerous discussions/complaints about OS5. Particularly the sluggishness issue with the Dashboard or being unable to access it is partially the result of the indexing that OS5 does. Some suggested workarounds to the indexing issue can be found in the following two WD Support links:

My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ
Best Practice for My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access and Indexing

More OS5 support on a wide range of issues can be found at the following link:

My Cloud OS 5: Online User Guide and Solutions

Wd update os5 has trashed 3 mycoud drives I have used the hdd for other purposes.
I will not consider wd for any nas jobs in future. Junk, used to be good now, junk.

Couldn’t agree more. Made a good product useless.

I have just purchased the suggested replacement for my OS3 MyCloud, an 8TB MyCloud Home.

I am still trying to understand, but the OS3 MYC was so much more functional and friendly (even if less secure these days).

Things I seem to not have now (that I did have) include:

  • dashboard for proper management
  • access via media player (PCs and TVs)
  • no public folder (I think I can get around that by making a folder named “Public” and then sharing it to each user)
  • no access to any shared folders in windows (explorer, office), even within the LAN environment, only via web access
  • and security - I am worried about files being accessed/copied by WD or others as my requirement (for work) is to assure clients that all files are held on my own PC only. Idea of storage was to extend my “PC” storage.

to name the ones I see now

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This. It is not a replacement for OS3. It is it’s own thing. I think this is a marketing issue and WD has not been truthful how they advertise this device. If you are coming from their older OS / NAS devices the new MyCloud is an expensive lobotomized device.

I have no way of doing simple administration on the device. There is no way to add user data size quotas, fine grain permissions, viewing all folders on the machine, etc.

Mabe I’m stupid or missing something. Here are my use cases and issues.

  1. If I make someone an account, why should they have access to install apps?
  2. Why can’t I as the device owner limit the amount of data someone can store on the device?
  3. Why can’t I even see who has logged into the device?
  4. As a parent, why can’t I see my child’s files that are stored on the device if I add them as a user account?

I can go on and on.

My take on it is the new MyCloud devices are single user’s storage devices that allows you to access your data from the internet w/o knowing much about networking. What it is not is a friends / family sharable storage device. The disconnect in my mind is that if this thing sits on my network, I should have some way to manage it. Currently MyCloud Os5 is a fall in my mind. I don’t really see the value in the device when true cloud storage is available. I hope WD see this and address these basic concerns in the future,