System log date displaying "Mov" instead of "Nov"

While checking my EX2 system log I spotted something odd - the abbreviation for November is being displayed as “Mov” instead of “Nov”:

Is this a new feature of the 2.10.310 firmware? Or is this WD raising awareness of Movember?

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:open_mouth: - Thanks for the report @obelisk. I’ve passed it along.

Same here. Looks like it’s an issue for the majority of NASs. :smile:

I think it’s meant to be Movember,

ahahah this is ridiculous WD WEAK UP!!!

Well I took a quick look and was prepared to tell you guys how wrong you were, but I decided to look at the log files before I posted and sure enough, it’s Moo vember here in Florida as well! LOL

Lol fix this it doesn’t belong in a NAS. I just noticed it on the My Cloud Mirror I just got.

Hi Simone_Z,

As this is WD, I think they certainly will “WEAK UP”…They certainly need to infest in a speeling chucker…LOL

I hope there have been no spelling mistakes within the source code and the scripts. In comments it’s ok(ish).