Synchronisation Calendar and contact on Mac

I search a longtime on internet but without success !!
I have several devices mac, Iphone, Ipad and Ipod and I’m interesting to synchronize some apps (Calendar and contact) between all my devices with my personal WD My Cloud. For personal privacy reason and interest, I don’t want to use iCloud or Gmail solution, due to I don’t really know where my datas are stored.
Have you got a solution to do it with a WD My Cloud ?
Thank in advance for your support.

Using any backup software for the computer or mobile devices one can backup their data, and if the backup program supports it, their contacts/calendar information as well. However the My Cloud currently does not offer a way for a computer or mobile device to sync contact and calendar data in the way it is usually done with Gmail, iCloud and other online portals. One would have to use a program that allows for the contact or calendar file to reside on a NAS and for the device/computer to access that file to sync across devices.

There might be some third party module (and associated app/software), if it supports file structure used by the modified My Cloud Linux OS, that might allow such contact and calendar syncing like that done by Gmail and iCloud. One would have to install such a module by SSH. But I don’t know off hand of such a module. Perhaps others will have more information.

Yeah, I would like to do this as well with my Windows PC and Android phone for exactly the same reasons. Does WD read these posts? This is, at least in my opinion, an important feature that is lacking. I am using the WD Ex2 Ultra and otherwise and very happy with the NAS.

Hi Grouchy,
Absolutely agree with you - and would also like to know if WD actually read these messages?
It doesn’t currently look like it

Generally, no.

This is a user forum.

Thanks for that - do you know of anywhere I can expect proper answers to not unreasonable questions, from the people who actually sell the product?

Contact WD Customer Support directly…

Good luck with that, though…

so, does anybody have a solution for this issue at the moment?
Because I browsed the internet and couldn’t find anything…

There is are users who seem to have a solution. Unfortunately the pages are written in german language. maybe it helps anyhow:

Let me know, if it works for you!