Streaming from PC over wired network

Just got my WD live plus the other day and I’m trying to figure out how to stream video files (avi, mkv, mpeg4, etc.) that are on my PC.  I previously have been streaming through my PS3 using PS3 Media Server.  I am able to see PS3 Media Server using the WD live+ and was able to play some files sporatically (started freezing up when I tried fast-forwarding, then was stuck loading on any file that I tried after that).  Am I supposed to be using some sort of media server software in order to stream on the WD live+ or should I be able to stream through the “Network Shares” button without additional programs?


  What is your PC operating system.

  I use Windows 7 and I simply right click on the file and use ‘play to wdtv’.

  or in Windows player you can see an option play to.

You should be able to use Network Shares without any additional software; that functionality has been in windows for a long time.   You do have to configure it, though…

I’m using Windows XP Home.  I was following one of the guides someone posted on here but I couldn’t figure some of the steps as I think XP home is a little different.  When I push on the “Network Shares” on the Live+ it doesn’t do anything.  Is there a setup guide or how-to configure for network share somewhere on the forum?

No, but there’s a KB article: