STILL cannot access WDMYCLOUD to drag and drop

After going through everything I can find on here all the box checks etc etc, and emailing WD Support twice (no response from them) I still cannot access my WDMYCLOUD to drag and drop files onto it from my PC. I can view the dashboard the firmware is correct everything I have tried doenst work. Before I factory reset my PC I simply had a shortcut to MYCLOUD and I could drop files straight into it. The WDMYCLOUD appears on my THIS PC Screen but when I click on it WINDOWS CANNOT ACCESS //WDMYCLOUD. And when I try to Map the network connection the same happens. I have spent nearly two weeks plugging away at this issue, but nothing is working. ANY HELP would be much appreciated.

This is what I see, when I click on the WDMYCLOUD icon

See some of the suggestions in the other recent discussion where another user is getting a similar error message.