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I am looking to buy a My Cloud and am wondering if i can store and play Steam games from the My Cloud.

You can, but depending on the game and your entire network structure you may experience some slow downs.

thanks for the help what kind of network structure would i need?

An internet search turns up the following links that may be of interest. Some are from several years ago.

Steam On a NAS

NAS Support for Steam Client as Backup-Station / Local Library-Server

Even though the following video talks about Synology it may still apply to other NAS devices like the My Cloud.

Do a further search of the Steam community for additional discussions on using an NAS drive.

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thanks very mcuh im gonna check this out

I’ve never heard of this service before. I personally have never used third-party applications for Steam and I don’t understand why to do this if all my games and progress in each game is in the cloud. It seems to me that this is just a waste of time. By the way dude, what games are you playing. For a very long time I tried not to imitate others and not play DotA and League of Legends, but I could not stand it and tried :slight_smile: After two days of gaming experience, I realized that lol is a more advanced and cool game and I could not stop. I literally for a month independently raised my rank and did it a little later than my brother. He used the service for boosting and this service is considered the leader in the boosting market, so I had no chance :slight_smile:

I am not sure it is possible

I think it is possible, but of course, you will need a guide, so try to find it. I would like to know what types of games you like and which game is your favourite one. For example, I played soccer video-games like FIFA for almost three years, but now I prefer other types of video-games. Now I used to play the games where it is possible to buy rocket league items, as this way I can make the game more interesting. Of course, video games shouldn’t be a big part of our lives, but for me, playing video-games an hour per day is not such a big problem.

It’s possible, but game loading (Game level, objects, materials etc.) will be really slow.
For better performance need to use NFS instead of SMB (Samba/Windows “network drive”), or, even better - iSCSI tech (Not supported directly, but possible on alternative firmware)

Yes, you definitely can. I did this with my favorite game. One of my friends explained to me how, but I forgot. If you want me to ask it, message me, and I will reply to you. The game is named Rust, and it is extremely enjoyable because you have to survive and beat another player. In the start, it seemed to be difficult until that friend recommended me an online encyclopedia site called TotalRust. There is a lot of important information about all the items and the gear. Many players are logged there, and you can make yourself a lot of new friends or just game mates. I recommend this site because it makes you become a pro.

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