Running games on multiple Windows devices from EX4

I have ordered an EX4 (which should arrive this week) for storing all my movies, music, and pictures for use across multiple devices and streaming media to my consoles, however there is something else I’m curious as to whether the EX4 is capable of.

I would like to use it as the drive where I keep all the files for my games (i.e. Steam files) and was wondering if there is a way to set it up on my network so that it will show as a drive on all my windows devices so that they all access the same folders no matter which device I am playing on.

The windows devices I am currently using are a Surface Pro 4 and a HP Laptop. Currently only using Steam and a few standalone games for PC gaming but if I can make this work I might start buying and storing more games.

Hi, there have being people that pointed the Steam library to a NAS after the Share was mapped, however I wouldn’t recommend you using it this way if you will not be connected using an Ethernet cable from the computer the router, as the wireless speed tends to not be enough for this usage.