Sorry but newbie theme question

Hello all

Ive tried to figure this out by reading as many posts as I can but not getting anywhere.

How do you install new themes to WD tv live? I’d like to try out the black mamba theme but I cannot get it on there. I’m guessing you have to put it into the theme folder of the smp but how and where?

Ive tried downloading it to and put it on a usb stick and put it in but cannot access it. I have it zipped and unzipped on there. Also I can see the smp from my desktop so tried puttting it across  there wirelessly but obviousloy not worked.

I cant seem to find anywhere on the smp itself either to download it.

I am NOT using the Live HUB  version so is this the problem?

Many thanx


Hey malenko,

I’ve just done this myself so its fresh in my head.

You need to log on to the web control page for your smp. You can do this by manually entering the ip address into your browser address bar or by simply double clicking on the device when viewed in your “network” folder (assuming you are using windows 7). The default password for the web control is “admin”. 

Once logged in to the interface, click on “appearance” and this will allow you to upoad the desired theme to the smp. Note that the theme must be below 20mb. I believe the default black mamba theme is over this size but if you scroll through the thread a little I think someone posted a stripped down version of it. Oh yeah, the theme should still be in a zip file and also one word filename only

Hey presto, theme should be applied.

Thank you very much Maff20!!

Ive managed to access the smp and now uploading the file and then will try it out.

Thanks again!