[SOLVED] My Cloud Home PCB burned! How to extract data out from HDD?

Hi, I have just found your post while trying to recover data off my cousins WD My Cloud Home hard drive. Was this the device that you had? I am based in the UK however I am struggling with recovering the data. I have used the free version of UFS explorer to confirm that the data is still on the hard drive however the software is so expensive to recover it. Would your PCB allow me to access the drive again? I have also looked at the Linux method but it’s well over my head. Thanks.


Could you elaborate? Why was the hard drive removed from his enclosure? If he still has all the parts then he will still have the PCB which would be the same part which I have.

I think my PCB would only be useful to you if somehow his got damaged.

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So basically he has a 3TB WD My Cloud Home (single drive version not dual drive). Something happened and it would no longer connect to the Internet, just had a slow blinking white light on the front constantly. We tried everything apart from a full reset as we didn’t want to lose the data on his hard drive. So when all the normal options wouldn’t work I took the hard drive out of it and connected it to my PC via a SATA usb adpater to check all the data was still there and it is. So I could possibly use your PCB to connect it to this hard drive? Would that be correct? Would I just be able to log into it as a new user and I should be able access all the files on the hard drive? Thanks


The PCB that I have will be identical to the one you have. I tried to access the data via linux but the file structure was a mess. The PCB will essentially make the drive operate in the same way that your My Cloud Home was before. I had to reconnect my drive to the PCB and then access it via the western digital software to see my data correctly and then transfer it over the network to another hard drive which took about a week. It really is a useless device.

Maybe the reason you just had the slow blinking white light was because there was an issue with the PCB? If that is the case then my PCB would be a good solution. It seems unlikely though. Have you looked into what the white flashing light means?

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Hi Will, thanks for all of that. Yes the white light seems to indicate a fault either with the device, the usb or ethernet port. So it’s difficult to know what the story is. What I am wondering is if I connect your PCB to this hard drive would it wipe the drive? And in order for me to be added as a user would I need to reset it? Could I reset it without a hard drive attached (so it doesn’t wipe the drive)? Would you have any advice or experience of that? Your help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Will, just wondering are you still able to help me? Thanks, Joseph

Hi if it’s the enclosure that went wrong then by using my PCB you should be able to retrieve the data by plugging the drive into the PCB and then trying to find the drive via the mycloud software. You would essentially be following the same steps that you followed when you first bought the drive I would imagine. If you provide me with your address I will post it to you.

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My drive went offline a week ago and I was not able to reconnect it. So I removed the drive from the enclosure and I want to try this technique. I have never used Linux before so this is extreme new territory for me. I installed Ubuntu on a USB stick and was able to boot into it. The My Cloud Home drive shows up under disks but there is no arrow to indicate it is mounted and it just shows 4TB Unknown.
I cannot figure out how to login as Root. Any advice on how to do that? I found some posts elsewhere online but it did not seem to work.

Hi there! Thank you for your solutions.

Is the method also working with the My Cloud Home Duo ?

Hi can you help me please?
How is it possible to get it for 150 Dollars?

I have the Mycloudhome Duo.
Thank you in advance.