Solid Red Power LED

Dear all,
a month ago my NAS MyCloud EX2 has been working well for 5 or 6 months… then, about a month ago, it hasn’t been working anymore : when I boot it (pluging the power adapter into a power outlet), it boots but after a couple of minutes, the power LED who was flashing blue turns Red solid…
If I look at the network (using the windows explorer), I can’t see it on the network…

I had a look at the user manual, but it only mentions “flashing red”, but doesn’t mention “solid red”!

what should I do ?
thanks for your help



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What firmware are you running on the unit?

See if the following link helps.

Hi ERmorel,
how do I know the firmware unit ?
Do I need to see it through the network ?
currently I do;nt see my NAS on the network ? how can I access it, if he as no IP address?



Hi!, Seeing the behavior on mine (EX2 Ultra) i saw that, when the Ethernet plug goes out. the status led goes Solid Red. This could mean that “Solid Red = No network connection” (the leds behind the NAS surely are off).
Check if both end of the ethernet cable are well plugged an, if they are well plugged, that the cable works properly (use an ethernet cable tester). If everything goes ok, but keeps with solid red, check your switch/router ethernet port (where your NAS is connected). If all works, but your NAS keeps with solid red, then maybe the ethernet port of your nas is damaged, and need service. Do a last test using a crossover cable from your NAS to your PC, if the NAS was using an static IP, change your PC IP, so it can be in the same subnet, if the NAS was using dhcp, then you need to set a dhcp server. In that case, is up to you to check how to do that (google is your friend n_0).
If you determine that the ethernet port is damaged, or you can link the NAS (the ethernet leds powers on) but the status led keeps showing solid red, take your unit to service, o claim your warranty if apply.

Hi Itqly,
You are right.
I checked my eternet link between my NAS and my router… and it works.
Thks a lot for your message.


I’m glad it worked n_n/



I had the same issue - it was because the Ethernet cable was unplugged.
Plug it in and the LED goes blue

Strange its not mentioned in the manual


For me, the issue was that the disk was nearly full. Once I deleted a file, the light went back to blue.

Unfortunately, when the light was red, I couldn’t get to the device, either through the dashboard or via the Mac finder. I restarted, and was able to get in during the short window when the light is solid blue, before it turns red.

The dashboard didn’t indicate a problem. It dod show that there wasn’t much space left, and there was an alert message that the disk was more than 95% full, but there weren’t any obvious flags to say anything was wrong. The disk checks all passed.