SN850X 2TB poor performance

CrystalDiskMark results are attached.

Win 11 Pro
Ryzen 9 7950X3D
ASRock X670E Steel Legend
Asus Dual RTX 4070
Oloy Black Blade 64GB (2x32GB)
SN850X 2TB
Crucial T700 2TB
(2) Samsung 990 Pro 2TB

All drivers and firmware are up to date.

The T700 runs at proper Gen5 speed, but the 990 Pros exhibit even worse performance than the SN850X.

2023-12-29 (1)

SSD performance varies

Is that supposed to be helpful? I’m getting nowhere near Gen4 read speeds of 7500 MB/s. It’s more like 4500 MB/s. My Gen5 Crucial T700 cranks 12500 MB/s. My Gen4 SSDs are all running at about the same rate: Slow. I’m thinking it’s either the Windows driver or some feature I need to enable.

FWIW, WD agrees there’s a problem, and they are now working with me to solve it.

Windows has drivers but AMD boards tend to be slower with multiple devices