SmartWare Pro: Backup to Any Network Drive

WD SmartWare (Pro) should be allowed to backup files to any network drive, such as a custom built home server (running Windows Home Server or Windows Server), and not just WD NAS devices or routers. It should not be difficult to implement, as SmartWare Pro already has the ability to back up to DropBox.

I purchased a 2TB WD drive for my personal server only to find that the Company’s software cannot communicate with it, which is quite frustrating. SmartWare Pro has the pontential to be a better backup software than Microsoft’s standard backup software, but only if WD enables it to be.

This feature should be implemented in the Pro version of the software. I will gladly pay the $20 or $30 to have this feature. And I think others would too, including this user (who WD has sinced ignored):

I hope that this feature is included in the next update! I will keep my eyes open for it, and if it’s included, I’ll purchase the software.