Allow WD SmartWare to use network drive as backup source

I bought a 3TB My Book  to use solely for backing up my NAS. I was disappointed to learn that the SmartWare application does not support a network drive as a backup source. Nowhere in the description of the item does it mention lack of network drive support as a source.

Please highly consider adding this feature to future versions of SmartWare. I should not be forced to write a script to perform a simple job that your application can easily be updated to perform.

WD SmartWare currently supports Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage (NAS) Devices, and WD routers.

I’m not talking about WD NAS devices, I’m talking about a simple mapped network drive of any source.

I concur with  MajinGeoDooD above.

Why is backup to a simple mapped network drive of any source, e.g. inside a Windows network, not allowed? My whole reason of purchasing a WD Ultra drive is to serve that purpose. 

I agree. Why does the software only read the local C-drive of a machine. We are now going to uninstall your software and use another backup software that fulfills the needs of backing up a network drive.