SmartWare Pro 2.4.2 now requires login for My Cloud

I bought it last week and setup was easy and I backed up my C F and G drives to it.  Backup is on always update for all three drives but now when I go into SmartWare it now requires me to enter a login.  On the bottom of the message box it says WORKGROUP and when I type anything into the user name box it appends it to WORKGROUP.  It never takes any combination of user name/passwords that I have set up in either Windows 8.1 or on the My Cloud itself.  It is no longer backing up any data.


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are you backing up to the smartware share? or another one?

can you access that share in Windows explorer?

did you possiably change this share from public to granting individule users between the last time it worked and now?

it would be a my cloud login, not windows and a leading \ will get rid or workgroup but if it is the same issue I had this won’t help. please answer the questions above


No, but I can access it through the Web UI


sounds like almost the same issue I had except for changing permissions

you could try changing the share to user permissions then back to public, I have had this work occasionaly

if that dosn’t work you have 2 choices depending on your comfort level.

us the SSH access to edit /etc/samba/overall_share, this is what I did the syntax is pretty easy to follow

if your not comfortable with that try a system only restore, you will need to re-create users and permission but data and shares will still me there.

I am not sure where the web UI and mobil apps get the permissions but it is not a common location. I had full wd2go and mobil app access, just not explorer

I have the same problem.  Does anyone have an update to this issue.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled smartware, but I am getting the same popup were it is requesting login in but the login in that I have for mycloud does not work.