Smartctl log ok, but input/output errors

kern.log.txt (2.7 MB) Hi,

I have added two new 4TB WD drives to my snapraid setup one as data disk the other as parity disk, and both drives seem to exhibit intermittent problems.

When I do a snapraid sync in 90% of the times the parity disk becomes unusable, since I have a second parity disk the sync completes albeit with only one parity disk.

When I do a “ls /data/parity1” I see this displayed "ls: cannot access ‘/data/parity1’: Input/output error "

I did a smartctl test (see the attached file) which seems to pass, and I’m now running a long test (takes about 8hours).

In the logs I can see a lot of errors concerning the disk.
The problem goes temporarily away when I do a cold reboot of the system, a warm reboot persists the issues.

I’m running the latest Debian on a Asrock C2550D4I motherboard with latest bios.
I have tried other (new) SATA cables and plugging the drives into another sata port on the motherboard.

sdb-smartctl-log2.txt (9.5 KB)

I had the same problem with the data disk as well a couple of times.

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You could refer to the following link: