Slow transfer speed

I’ve bought the WD MyCloud 3TB and it’s been a terrible experience.

The speed rates are terrible and the disk is so slow.

I did a little benchmark and it performed like this. Is it normal?

It is updated with the latest firmware and already did a reset.

Disk Speed Test
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Post your network set up. 

At what speed it’s connected to the network?  (green or yellow led at the back?) 

Green lights at the back.

Speed: 300 Mbit/s

I agree with LinAdmin.

Though you CAN test a NAS with it, the results aren’t really appropriate except when comparing other NASes. 

In particular, the Lots of Small Writes / Reads (particularly random access) will torture ANY NAS.

I am also getting very slow speeds with the 3TB My Cloud, please help I am very frustrated!  Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 20.42.25.png

I’m getting 1/2 hour for 14GB

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I don’t know you but i haven’t a gazillion photos to upload to MyCloud mainly big files like movies.

This is a real life transfer speeds from MyCLoud to PC ( Free File Sync ):


Download speed from MyCloud to PC 53,7 GB in 14 minutes 2 seconds at an average speed of   65,3 MB/Sec.


This is a real life benchmark not a fancy synthetic one…

From PC to MyCloud i have result in 50 - 60 MB/Sec of average.

Sammerbella, i understand that you are just fine, but I and many other aren’t :frowning:

14GB in 30min is +/- a rate of 7MB/s !

I’m using a macbook air with a wireless connection with a CISCO Routern (n tecnology)

To copy the file just used the regular “finder”.

What kind of LAN setup do you have?

In a well configured Gb LAN  (Router, MyCloud and PC) if nothing is wrong:

  • No disabled services like network discovery…

  • No security suite heavily firewalling and anti-virus filtering any ***** byte transfer from/to MyCLoud

  • No use of WAN software for lan transfer. (i.e. WD one…)

  • No USB2 as source.

Correctly mapped shares as network drives over:

  • SMB or NFS in windows (or even SSHFS)

  • SMB in OSX  (or even SSHFS) no AFP

- SMB or NFS in linux  (or even SSHFS)

Use of file efficient file managers who can handle huge amounts of files/folders like

  • Free file sync (backup/sync/mirror with or without batch files) windows/OSX/linux

  • Teracopy (powerful copy/move tool)

And a little amount of common sense to avoid 3864783 other simultaneous operations while copy/moving/backing up 200 or 500 GB of data between MyCLoud and computer…

LinAdmin, I don’t have at the moment other computer to try.

Meanwhile i did a little change. Just for the fact of changing from “afp” protocol to “smb” gave me at least twice the speed.

We are working on some things that may help this.