Slow Dashboard

I got a MyCloud 2TB (Firmware v04.00.00-607) a week ago. Used only 200 GB in one share with SmartWare.The WDMC is connected to a Netgear WNDR3400 router and a laptop wired to the router.

I cannot understand why the Dashboard  is so slow coming up and unbearable to navigate, especially after making any changes to the settings.  Since the laptop is wired to the router, there should be no wifi speed issue; only the speed of the router switch  (which is not a gigabit router).  BUT,  if the dashboard is only dealing with metadata , why does it take a minute/s to report the firmware version? What is the program doing ? Same can be said about numbers of shares (I have 8, of which 7 of them are empty) and numbers of users (1), etc, etc.

On the other hand, MyCoud  shows up in  the Windows Explorer Network  (Win7 Pro) and  large files can be transferred between WDMC and any disk attached to the computer at the same speed as between any other two disks attached to the computer…  I’ve got similar performance in a laptop connected wirelessly to the network.  So it doesn’t appear to be an issue of IO data transfer speed,  or network speed, rather,  an issue of the front end program, namely the  Dashboard. 

Can somebody from WD explain what’s going on and suggest solution/s?



Have you tried resetting and/or power cycling the drive? Also try with another browser to see if you have the same issue.

Yes, Hamlet.  I unplugged it for 10 minutes and rebooted several times to no avail. I was using Google. When I used  IE  it was even worse…

I also re-updated the firmware manually by downloading the zip file from the Wd website.

A temporary workaround I found, at least for me,  was to stop the DLAN and  the Itunes servers under Settings/Media.  The dashboard main screen takes now  ~15 seconds to populate and the navigation through the screens is faster so I  can make the necessary changes without having to wait 2 minutes after every click for the screen to update.   This workaround may not be a solution to others though who may need  to stream media from  the device.

My conclusion is that  the front end software is no good.

A second issue i found was with the WD Smartware, but I’ll raise that in  the proper forum.  It   shows the same shortcomings of the Dashboard, namely slow screens, not informing the user of what’s going on and lack of flexibility in the default settings…

The remote access speed to MyCloud was OK. and the file transfers where acceptable as well… But you better know what you are looking for  and where it is located in the MyCloud because there is no way to remotely search for it.