Dashboard/Interface speed My Cloud

Thought I’d ask about this. My Dashboard (or Interface) when accessing my NAS from a browser has always been sluggish and slow, is this normal ?

Always takes some time for the items in each sub menu (for example, if I go to Settings/Firmware), to see what’s current it takes about 30-45 seconds … I don’t think that’s normal. That’s just one example, I have similar behavior throughout. The main Home screen of the dashboard takes at least a minute to display everything.

can’t be much help as far as what firmware it had when i bought it - all i can say is that the dashboard/interface was dark grey rather than white. the current firmware i have been on is 04.04.01-112.

i’d rather not update to the newer firmware because i don’t want to interrupt or cause issues with my safepoint backups.

also, at times i have issues with my WD TV, where it does not find the media server (the NAS) and I’m having to pick it again from a list within the WD TV’s interface.

I have both these devices plugged into a single router serving my house, and both devices are set to Static IP mode.

can anyone give some tips or help ? I’ll post any info you need or ask about related to this …

IME, what you’re seeing is ‘normal’. When you log in to the Dashboard, it takes time to populate all the status fields. But once it’s figured out what it’s doing, swapping between tabs normally updates within a few seconds. Changes to setting can take time to take effect.

well it happens all throughout the dashboard if i am on it for a while.

id like to reinstall the firmware or restore the firmware. but i dont want the latest version.

maybe that will improve this … i also get connection interuptted prompts when im in mac os. on the win10 side interaction with the nas is much quicker and error free

What web browser is this happening on? Are there any browser plug-ins or extensions active on that browser?

The Dashboard interface is a bit slow/sluggish, especially when it first loads. Been a complaint some have made in the past. Here are some of those past threads:





Does that give you a clue where problem lies…? With your Mac, perhaps, rather than the MyCloud?

I have a 2 TB My Cloud for more than a year now. At the beginning it was very buggy and extremely slow. Now it takes 2 sec to bring up the sign on screen, 3 sec to show the empty dashboard after entering the password and 9 more sec to populate the dashboard with values.
The reporting of the different media categories under Capacity is erratic though. Today it shows 0 KB for Photos, Videos and Music tracks, but the Other and Free Space categories are correct. Other days it shows the space taken by those media files correctly broken down…

The numbers are similar from either a Laptop, a Desktop PC or a Galaxy Note 4 phone

obviously theres issues i need to resolve on my os 10 side as well …

but what i want to do and need instruction for is:

either reflash the same firmware i have (fresh reinstall)

or …

do a system only restore …

should i do both, or try one first.

Yeah. Do a 4 second reset.
Then a 40 second reset.
Then a quick factory restore (backup your data first).

Try each of these in sequence, and see if they make any difference.

If you want to reload or revert the firmware, search the forum for ‘downgrade’.

are you talking about how long i should press the reset button ?
are any of these steps going to wipe out my drive’s contents ? I’d like to know beforehand whether or not i’d be looking at restoring 2.5 TB of stuff because that will take a while.

i already have safepoint backup so i’m not worried about my content.

some odd message i noticed just now:

in the Media pane, in DLNA Media Server section, I clicked on “View Media Players” and got this:

“Media server connected list internal server error. (400159)”

not sure what that’s all about. in the past with MyBook Live I used to see a list of devices with IP addresses.


To Reset the Device Name, IP Settings, and Administrator Password of a My Cloud, Mirror, EX or DL series back to factory default, it is recommended to use the Reset button located on the back of the device. Resetting the My Cloud device does not cause data loss. To reset a My Cloud storage device, please follow the instructions below:

The Reset button may also be used to perform a System Restore on the device. At the same time as the power is plugged to the My Cloud device, pressing the Reset button and holding it for about 40 seconds, will make the device to go through a System Restore instead of a Reset. This System Restore will not cause data loss, and all Private Shares will become Public Shares. For more information on System Restore, please see Answer ID 10433: How to restore a My Cloud storage device to factory default settings.