Shutdown MyCloud 2.Gen via SSH halt command - device still working?


sorry to beat the dead horse again :smile: My English is not good and sometime I dont understand well what was ment. For ex., now i understood what you mean with that the device stay powered. It receives power because the power cord is plugged in. I know that, and I pull it out after running the SSH command. But my issue was that I heard noises from the hard drive after “shut down” … what I can not remember having heard it ealier. Thats way I wanted to know if plugging out the power cord it still ok after running shutdown command and still hearing hard drive noises.
But as I said , I will test with the 3 SSH commands to check how the MyCloud device behaves in terms of hard drive noises and LEDs. I will report then.



Here are my tests with the SSH commands:

halt -> all LEDs off and no hard drive noises
halt -P now -> all LEDs off and no hard drive noises
shutdown -h -P now -> return code 127 (nothing happens, device working)
poweroff now -> return code -1 (no hard drive noises but all LEDs are on and green back LEDs blink on internet traffic)

So, as Bennor said the 2.Gen devices dont react on the shutdown command due to the different folder structure.
So as @rac8006 and @Wierd_w said poweroff shut down the hard drive but all LEDs remain on and ethernet port lights are acitve.
So, the only opportunity to shut down the MyCloud 2.Gen with the halt command. I read about the difference between halt and halt -P now, but I didnt notice any difference in the behavior of the device after running both commands. Why?


The difference is that halt will send a message to all users saying that the system is going down. Giving them time to save there work. The -P now meant halt right now.


So, if i remove now then halt -P will first halt the system and give time to save the work, and then it will shut down, right?

What do you mean with “users”? The real person like Windows users ? But this is not relevant for the MyCloud because the is ony one user. Or do you mean that the halt command will properly end the CPU/hard drive processes by giving it time? -P now will in opposite stop the processes immediatly without time for saving work?


I gave you a definition of what halt means on most Linux operating systems. Since the My Cloud does not have users. It does not matter if you halt right now. Just type halt.