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Why did they remove the feature to use Windows File Explorer to view shared folders?

Here is my dilemma, I have 2 businesses, Business 1 I own a 3rd of the business, Business 2 I own all the business, I have 2 WD My Cloud Homes, with Business 1 I use the business email for that business, with business 2 I use my main business email, I activated both businesses with the proper email, that’s fine but them find out you can’t see both hard drives at once, so I added a user for business 1 on my business 2 email

Business 1 reads as Y Drive Business 2 Reads as Z Drive, but with Business 1 it is blank, so I tried to share it and it doesn’t share, I share Business 1 hard drive with my business partners, they use the main email, but I can’t use both at once to view all files on both with File Explorer

I know when I first got the hard drive it was possible to do this but they took the feature away, is it possible for WD to bring it back so we can use the hard drive like a normal drive? Because my business partners aren’t computer savvy so explaining how to get into the drive every time is annoying, lol

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