Setting up offsite mirror drive for MyCloud?

I have been using MyCloud for awhile and I am extremely satisfied. I have amassed a very large amount of data that I rely on MyCloud (solely) to store and not lose. I recently started worrying about things like theft, fire, drive failure, etc which has me concerned about having all my eggs in one basket. I have a large drive in another location, my place of employment, that has ample space which I would like to set up to be a mirror for MyCloud at home. Initially, I will take my office drive home, plug it into my home network and copy everything to it, but after that I’d like to set it up so that it is automatically mirrored to MyCloud.

Is there an easy solution to this?

There is no official way to remotely sync or backup the My Cloud to a remote location outside of using the Safepoint option which will backup to local external USB or local network locations. See the following thread where discussion on remote syncing is discussed using certain more expensive My Cloud devices. Backing up remotely would be the same or similar if it can be accomplished.

For the single bay My Cloud devices see the following threads that discuss ways to remote backup content.