Serious Security and Connectivity Issue

I just bought this product few days ago and I am SO DISSAPOINTED that I get into the issues below immediately after the purchase.

Issue 1. “My Cloud” is Disconnecting from the network

Issue 2. Photo Apps in mobile phone is showing ALL(INCLUDING THOSE WITH PRIVATE/ACCESS SETTING) share folder.

Further dissapointment while both of this thread, NO ONE from WD is telling

When it will be fixed?

Any further notice once fixed?

Fixing it, really?  

Definitely very serious indeed, however I’m sure if you phone in for tech support they should get your connected without disconnection. 

As to bugs, WD has been working on them for years and new ones are being fixed and added as newer Models are released.  We are still waiting for the sleep bug fix but I think, they think it is fixed simply for the reason that drive only wakes up for 10 minutes per hour rather then staying up all night when users were able to adjust their sleep timer to 60 minutes. The fix is now permanently set to 10 minutes…

After few power cycle, it disconnecting issue gone without any setting change. It happen to me last time when I copy few GB of files into the cloud. 

At the moment, the cloud is up and running fine and I can’t simulate the issue anymore.

PS: Thanks a lot for the quick follow up from WD support via private message.