Photo App shows all folders

I have the My Cloud set up with 3 different users.

I have 2 folders for media files and streaming and each of the 3 users has their folder and the public folder.

When I access the device from windows or the network each user can only see their folder and the public folder.

But, when I access the device from the Photo App every user can see every folder yet it asks for a user and password when I set up the app.

Not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong

Are the pictures on a private share or just another share within the public folder?

I have pics in several folders. My private folder plus another folder (which is private) and also pics in the public folder and another folder that is public.

The issue is if any of the three users sign in with the app they can see all the folders and pictures.

If they sign in from the pc or network they can only see their folder and the public folders. Not mine or the other private folders.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

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I thought I would add that the app recognizes that there are users because when I open the app to connect it automatically gives me a drop down list of the 3 users on the MyCloud yet it doesn’t matter which account I connect with it still shows all folders.

Thanks for your help.

I have experienced the same issue.

I am having this exact issue. Private folders set to private with no media sharing are all visisble on WD MyPhoto.

I can confirm that Window 7 media player is also able to view all the folders in supposedly private, non-DLNA shares :frowning:

Same here. The Photo App gives acces to all folders (‘shares’) even if you limit the acces in the dashboard for various users.

Please fix this, or else the whole idea of ‘limited’ sharing is useless because one can view the entire disk… :dizzy_face:

Hi Sharing partitions that have media serving set to OFF needs fixing indeed, but you should also not perform any content scan on those partitions. I primarily use the 3TB storage as a seconf backup of all my pictures and that means 10000ths of jpeg and RAW files. Yesterday the drive has been running the content scan a whole day, running process like convert and wdphotodbmerger while my public partition (serving enabled) has zero photos at this moment.

Waiting for a fix in some firmware release pretty soon …

Yes, it has been a long wait for what is an obvious, reproducible and gigantic functional foul-up, and one that shows how rudimentary factory testing must have been.

I like the product but if there isn’t a fix for this soon I am going to write a deeply **bleep**ty review on Amazon. I’m not using my NAS … I’m just waiting for the fix. It is completely effing useless at the moment.


I posted this same problem back in October & I got a response from WD that they would “attempt to duplicate this problem in their lab”.  I’m glad to see I’m not the only having this problem and that others see how rediculous it is to set up “private shares” only for them to be completely not private with the WD Photos app. I am however disappointed that nothing is being done for us to fix a rather obvious problem. Still waiting!

Same issue here. I’ve beeb trying to understand and solve this issue but no success so far. WD should understand that they are selling us not only hardware but software too and both need to work well. This issue is a security issue and should be a priority item to be investigated and fixed. I’m surprised that this issue has been reported since October for the other users and no fix so far.

OK - So I just got my MyCloud yesterday and have run across this issue too already. Seems like an extremely long time to fix an easy to replicate security issue WD? Can someone from WD please give us all an update?

I returned mine and got another brand.

Want did you go with for the replacement backup drive? I’ve run into another issue backing up Windows 7 users folders and depending on what I find out I may be returning mine too. Thanks.

I’m having the issue with my tv showing the mycloud and all private folders so any one using my tv now has access to all my files anyone have a fix for this

going to turn off the mycloud till this is fixed

efy666 wrote:

I’m having the issue with my tv showing the mycloud and all private folders so any one using my tv now has access to all my files anyone have a fix for this


going to turn off the mycloud till this is fixed

That’s not an “Issue.” That’s how you configured the Cloud.   If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t enable DLNA on the shares you want kept private.

This happens regardless of whether or not DNLA is enabled.  When I first discovered it I turned off the DNLA for that specific folder and rescanned/rebuilt DNLA and it did not correct the issue.  So next I deleted the entire share and created a new share (private) with no DNLA then moved my info there and it is still showing in this photo app.  I just setup my new MyCloud a few weeks ago and after finding this out I researched it and was AMAZED that this issue could go on for months.  Note that the info I am trying to exclude is scanned jpegs of financial information such as tax returns, W-2’s etc…  You can argue that I should not have that on the MyCloud anyway but that is irrelevant.  I went with mycloud instead of dropbox or some other cloud service simply due to having “more control”.  If I cannot put sensitive information on this device then that leaves me with non sensetive information on here so I could have just used any old cloud service for that.

Please let me know if there is a fix or some better way to do this.  Not trying to be a negative nancy as other than this issue I love this product and have no other issues but this seems like a serious flaw that I am just amazed can happen.  Either dont pull non DNLA enabled shares to this photo app or limit the share views to the correct users.  Seems pretty simple to me but then again I am pretty new at this product.

T-RAV wrote:

This happens regardless of whether or not DNLA is enabled.

My response was specific to the user I quoted…  (whose issue wasn’t really related to this thread. :wink: )