Security Certificate Error

I am trying to access my My Book Live through the WD2go web interface and I keep getting the following rather worrying messages after I have logged in with my e-mail address and my user account. This is the message I get before my drive folder list appears.

The first dialogue box says

Certificate host name mismatch fg600b3909600500

Then I get

WD Error2.PNG

When I first logged in I was asked to accept a security certificate. Logging out and login back in does not request that anymore.

I am running this on a 64-bit Windows 7 platform.

I have tried this in Chrome (v24) and IE (v9) - I get the same error message

I have Java SE 7 v13 (the latest version) installed

I have deleted the Trusted Certificate using the Microsoft Management Console and allowed it to re-install.

I continue to get the same error message in Chrome and IE 9

Is this a problem with Java Se 7 v13? Or a problem with the Certificate.

Does this leave my data transfers unsecured ?

The webpage in IE 9 still says it is secure https:// but can this be trusted given the above error.

In Chrome it indicates that it is not a secure connection (the https struck through in red)

Help and comment appreciated.

Check if the link below helps.