Security Bugs in MyCloud


I have already created a case and submitted the information for these vulnerabilities almost 3 months ago and have heard nothing back. I was not able to submit a new case as there were consistent errors in the submission form.

Here is the case number:

[[Deleted - Trancer]]

I would like an update on this case and keep in mind that there is a standard, 90-day disclosure deadline approaching (May 1st, 2015).

Thank you.

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I look forward to the disclosureā€¦

I dont think any cloud is safe. Ā  What security bugs are you reffering to OP? Ā thanks , im just curiousĀ 


We thank you for submitting your issues to both the community and WD Support. We have submitted the items reported to the appropriate teams within our organization.


WD Customer Support and Services

Still no response from reported security bugsā€¦