Search function in My cloud

Am I the only one who would like a search function on the My Cloud app. I have stacks of music on my device and trying to locate a particular song is a nightmare. A search button would solve this.


As far as my desktop or laptop computer I know how to do a search and find songs that are on My Cloud. Below is an image of a search I did on my desktop computer of My Cloud. The search box, not shown, is at the top right when you open up your music.

I realize this may not work when you are away from your network. I will try it the next time I am away from mine.

Thanks for getting back I was actually referring to the app for iphone and ipad. Cheers

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No, you are not the only one…

I mostly use iMac for updating My Cloud, but have iOS, wp8, Android, and Windows 8 devices too, which I would love to be able to search.

Seems like a pretty key need to me.

WD, is this in the pipeline?

Edit: At least the Windows search seems to work OK, though hardly the speediest solution.

Edit 2: There is an app on iPad/Phone called FileBrowser which you can use to search My Cloud. You can also move files between Local and Cloud/LAN devices.

Edit3: On Android there is a similar app called ES File Explorer which also allows copy/paste between local and My Cloud, and search :slight_smile:

Edit 4: And, of course on WP8 there is WD2GO…

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