Why there is still not search functionality in the MyCloud App?

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You are definitely not the only one. I wanted to open an idea for this functionality for voting, however, I’m surprised to see that since Feb 2014 only one other person said that this functional gap is significant! I’m sure that the majority of the users would consider a “search” as a VERY useful functionality.
I’m also surprised that the original topic has been closed without a proper answer!
I see there are several other similar topics, but almost all already closed without an answer
In fact, I’m not using this app just for the lack of the search! I have thousands of documents stored in the NAS, and without a search it is impossible to find them using the app.
The main similar apps (see OneDrive and others) of course have a search.

@WD - please think to add this functionality to the app, it would be the most useful functionality you can add, in order to make a nice, but almost useless app, a great app


I am glad I am not the only one. I too have thousands of documents and files and am now having to store on my box then back up to another cloud for ease of use when away from my home office. Its pointless duplication.

Please sort it @wd

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There is now a new app available for WD EX2, EX4 and MirrorGen1.
It’s called QuikFynd and it offers full text search capability. You can search by file names, meta data in files as well as based on text content in files.



We definitely hear you. Thanks for your feedback.


With quikfynd running it was taking 40 seconds to access files, with quikfynd disabled the access was within a second or less.

Quikfynd needs more work.