Saving from phone to MyBookLive via WD Photos

How do I save photos taken on my phone to my MyBookLive using WD Photos?  Is this even possible?

From the WD Photo app, press the photo that you would like to upload and you will see the option to do it. 

This wasn’t helpful.  Can you be more detailed in your response?

From the WD Photo app, with you finger press the picture and the option to transfer it should appear.

Depending on if you’re using iOS or Android, you’ll have to do two different things. Either step is done from the list of devices within WD Photos.

On iOS, there is a camera icon for each device in the device list that is allowed to upload photos. Pressing the Camera icon will allow you to choose which photo to upload.

On Android, you must hold-press the device and select the “Take Photo of Video,” or “Choose From Gallery” options.

On my phone you go into “Gallery” then “My Library” and you will see all of your pictures.  You can pick on the photos individually or if you hit the menu button you can chose select multiple.  If you select one photo it will come up and you must press  the menu botton, go to “more”, then chose “COPY TO MEDIA SERVER”. 

It works basically the same with the multiple photos.