Can I transfer pictures from my smartphone to MyBook Live using WD photos? how?

With version 1.3 of WD Photos and version 2.0x firmware for the My Book Live you can now transfer photos or videos from your Android or iOS device. You should see a camera icon next to the device. touch that icon and you will go through your camera roll (at least for iOS) to select which photos or videos you want to upload to the MBL. Once you do that it will transfer them to a folder on the MBL that is created automatically. If it is a Photo, it will be created under Shared Pictures. If it is a video, it will be created under Shared Videos.

I also would like to upload photos/videos to my MBL from my android phone (Galaxy S 4G). 

In the market app description, it says “From your camera gallery, push video clips and photos remotely to your MBL…”, but I don’t see how to do this.

I also don’t understand what you meant by “You should see a camera icon next to the device. ” What is the device?  I only see a WD Photos icon on my phone and if I click it, I see my MBL, and then all the photo file folders.

Thanks for additional help/clarification.

Im trying to do this on my HTC Desire… there’s no camera icon next to the device, and no option in the “share” context menu in my phone’s photo gallery. Is it broken?

Oh this is just too ridiculous to believe - there is not one single instruction guide anywhere on WDC’s support website or forums instructing how to do this on an Android, and even the WDC staff on the forums are unable to answer this question. Unbelievable. But I managed to work it out. The interface is shocking however. Open WD Photos. On the Devices menu showing your WDTVLiveHub device, you can press your phone’s Menu button and click on i - Tips. This tells you - on the Devices menu - instead of clicking on your WDTVLiveHub device to view the remote photos, instead touch-and-hold the WDTVLiveHub device until an Edit menu appears. From here select “Choose From Gallery”. You can only choose items from your 100MEDIA folder, wait a while for it to load all the 100MEDIA thumbnails into memory, then you can select and unselect individual photos and videos, then upload them. Horrible interface - that is the only way to do it. Installing the WD Photos app does NOT add WDLiveHub to the “Share via” menu, so in your Android Gallery when you select Share via and are presented with dozens of options - Bluetooth, Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, Twonky, etc, etc, etc, everything EXCEPT for WDLive. Using the Android app, it creates a folder on the Hub as your gmail account name. So if you are then you will have a folder \WDTVLiveHub\johnsmith with your jpg and 3gp files in it. Because WD Photos does not show your remote videos, there is no way to really verify the success or failure of the videos being uploaded. Also there is no sync option, so when you take more videos, you have to remember what you have or haven’t previously uploaded - by looking at the thumbnails only. No option to view by filename, date, or anything like that, no flags to indicate previously uplaoded or not. Because it does not integrate into the Share via menu, you cannot remotely upload music files or any other file type. I understand the WD 2go firmware and app does this for the WD My Book Live, and I thought the WDTVLiveHub was essentially exactly the same thing as the WD My Book Live except with the addition of TV outputs without the need for a seperate WDTVLivePlus device, so why doesn’t the WDTVLiveHub have the WD 2go firmware also??? So, WD Photos is like a good beta-phase era of the app, with plenty of improvements to go or as an interim before a WD 2go update is made available.