Samba 4.3.11

Was communicating with the Samba support group today. Trying to get information
about a problem with the Gen2 My Cloud. Where it causes the Gen2 not to sleep. Was informed that Samba version 4.3.11 was EOL. So no support for that version. Which means the gen1 Samba version 4.0.0rc5 is really old.

Yep. the first gen is “really” old. :rofl:

Since WD apparently won’t update Samba the only way to safely do so (at least on the first gen) is for one to use the GPL version and attempt to roll their own firmware with the latest Samba (and other updates).

Not sure if there is a guide for doing so on the 2nd gen firmware but apparently there is a guide of sorts for the first gen firmware at this link.

I’ve rebuilt samba for both gen1 and gen2. The gen1 worked.
the gen2 not only does not work. It is different than the code in
the firmware. It seems WD built samba on the 193 firmware
with different options than is in the GPL source.
The only way to get current would be to download the latest
samba code and build.
Thanks to WD the gen2 starts samba different than normal Linux systems.
They use several different programs to run and configure samba.
The smb.conf file is rebuilt on every boot. If you make changes to
smb.conf they will be removed on the next boot.