Reset password doesn't work and no way to change password within settings

WD community mods and IT support:
I found a problem. the password reset page asks for “username”. However, if you put your username, you don’t get a password reset email. Put your complete registered email in there, and then it’ll work.

However, this seems to be the only way to “change” passwords. Dear WD forum admins - why can’t you put a link somewhere in the profile settings page to change the current password? I don’t see any such link. please correct me if I’m wrong. This is a basic feature of any online forum.

Due to how we have to sign in, we need to put the reset password where it is. It’s always been like that. It will be no different in the new community. We are aware that requesting a username is an issue, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Is there any special constraint this forum has about sign-ins, compared to others that you cannot put a “change password” link in settings?

Not particularly. We use what’s called Single Sign On (SSO) to log the user in. That then requires us to do password reset differently. You can still change your password anytime, it just requires you do it with more steps.

Hi Bill,
I still don’t get the resistance to introduce basic features like these in the profile settings. Don’t you think it’ll be useful to have things like change of email, password, etc. right there in the settings? If not, why not? Just because its always been in a particular place doesn’t mean you cannot change it.

there are many more improvements that this forum architecture needs, but I find these the most basic of them all.

Hi @electronicsguy - We are working on a new registration page (We “borrowed” the one from our support portal temporarily) which should (barring anything unusual) include a replacement for the current forgot password functionality. I totally agree that it is confusing right now, but it was either this or no functionality at all for the time being.

I’ll talk to @Bill_s to see if there is a way (no promises here) we can add a link to the profile pages. I think Discourse has a link that is there by default, but it’s removed for users logging in with SSO. There may be a way to re-enable it and point it to our new page once it’s ready but we will need to talk to them to see what is required to do this.