Remove encryption from WD element and mybook?

I don’t know about the my books yet but I have a 3TB element that has the blanking data locked up I can use it fine in USB3 but its messed up on sata I am switching it to sata so i need my data left alone. Do the 4TB Mybooks have encryption? I plan on doing the same to them. I have 3 of them and no extra space to play musical data in.(can you tell I am a bit upset? I never wanted encryption I always disable it whenever I get a chance but I missed this one, I really do not want to copy the data and wipe the drive then put it in sata then move the data back.)

I do know the newer 8TB my books/whatever are encrypted by default so I will just replace the case since they are the cheapest 8TB going.

As far as i know … All “My Books” have encryption (software and hardware)

All “Elements” don’t have an encryption (they are just basic storage)

My bad it is a My book(I’ve had more than 10 WD USB hard drives of 1TB to 4TB and I been trying to redo my PC this weekend and this darn thing starts acting up my internal 3GB was dieing had to get the data off it so now its on USB this has steam and other huge archives on it, my save games my mod files my photoshops,ect,ect). Already sold the old drive off for 10$ so now I have to deal with this encryption nonsense. I never set a password so why is it encrypted?

My greatest fear is an archive mybook will die and I wind up with no data since the enclosure will fail before the sparsely used hard drive will… uhg they are all greens…need to be sure the power cycles are reset as well.

because it’s an SED (Self Encrypting Drive)

personally, i don’t like it … and only have 1 My Book (it was cheap), but have never bought anything except Elements after learning about it.

Plenty of discussion … MyBook Essential and Encryption