Remote My Cloud location and management

I am considering to buy a 2TB MyCloud to back up my precious files, photos and videos. In order to increase security in case of fire or theft at my place (hopefully never!) I though to locate my MyCloud at a friend’s place connected to his internet router and access & manage my back-up it remotely.

Any thoughts about the feasibility of full remote management is welcome.

Obviously I’d configure MyCloud first while connected at home and also perform a first back-up as I realize I will be limited by my ISP upload speed.

Thanks for any input.



The software that comes with the unit WD Smartware, does not have the options to run a remote backup.

You might be able to do that using a third party software.

See if the following link helps

Thanks ERmorel,

This partially helps, however the link in the other post only leads to the sign in page on but not really to more insight on how to set up such a remote back-up via a personal FTP service.

Also I am wondering how much security is associated to such a set up?